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General Safety Rules

Truck drivers shall follow the terminal safety guidelines of the Port of Oswego Authority, as well as all applicable state and federal laws. The Port of Oswego Authority’s safety procedures, standards, rules and guidelines only supplement, and do not in any way modify state and/or federal laws or other industry regulations.

· Speed Limit is 5 MPH, except where otherwise posted.

· Drivers are responsible for their own safety, as well as the safety of those whom their actions may affect.

· Drivers shall ensure that their vehicles and chassis are in safe operating condition.

· Drugs and alcohol are NOT permitted on the terminal.

· Weapons and firearms are NOT permitted on the terminal.

· Smoking is NOT permitted on the terminal except in designated smoking areas.

· The use of cellular phones is NOT permitted while operating a vehicle, especially during mounting / dismounting operations.

· No parking within 100 ft. of ship.

· All trucks must yield to tow motors, pay loaders and Port vehicle traffic.

· Shut trucks off when in warehouse.

· Stay by your truck while waiting to be loaded.

· Drivers are responsible for ensuring correct cargo is loaded onto truck.

· All drivers must remain no less than 20 feet away from any truck, trailer and/or chassis while it is being loaded or unloaded.

· All drivers must stay a safe distance away (no less than 20 feet) from any area where loads are being suspended overhead.

· All drivers must sound horns at all intersections, blind corners, and when  entering or exiting any warehouse.

· Drivers will be required to wear reflective safety vests, minimum ANSI Certified class 2, and hard hats, while on the premises, if           they leave their truck.

· All vendors are required to go thru a safety and security meeting prior to working at the Port of Oswego.

Report all personal injuries, property damage, vehicle and pedestrian accidents, and hazardous material leaks and odors to the Safety Manager, William Scriber, at (315) 343-4503 Ext. 108.


The mission of the Port of Oswego Authority is to serve as an economic catalyst in the Central New York Development Council District Region by providing diversified and efficient transportation services and conducting operations in a manner that promotes regional and international growth and development while being mindful of our responsibility to serve as a steward of the environment.
Adopted - September 28, 2011
Revised - March 8, 2017

Our Location

1 East 2nd Street Oswego, NY 13126
Phone : (315) 343-4503


 2023 Annual Report 

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Board Meetings

Meetings will typically be held the third Monday of each month at 4:30pm in the Port of Oswego Authority Conference Room located at 1 East Second Street, Oswego NY.

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